The Estonian South is one of the most  highest, as well as the prettiest locales, with pristine, untouched nature, a rich historical and cultural heritage, and authentic, chucklesome people respectful of integrity, simplicity and the sense of humour.

Valga County, the gate to South Estonia is also known as Valga maakond and Valgamaa. It lies along the line of the Estonian-Latvian border. In the olden times of the rule of Livonia most of the country belonged to Latvia, thus the central town of the back-then province is now divided between the two countries – one half belonging to Estonia and the ohter to Latvia. Valgamaa is home to both a well-preserved culture of old communities, as well as things new and innovative. Estonia´s youngest county with the smallest surface area is rich in lakes, well-preserved castles and picturesque landscapes, rife with forests and winding rivers, small hamlets and towns nestled between woods and domed hills, where every patch of land has a story to tell.